Call for papers for a Special Issue of the Artificial Life Journal on

Systems Biology

edited by Roland Eils and Jan T. Kim
Submission deadline: 20 April 2006
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Jan T. Kim
Special Issue Guest editor

Systems Biology and Artificial Life both involve computer modelling of living systems, and both aim at revealing mechanisms that underlie biological processes and phenomena. Systems Biology is typically more closely associated with analysing "postgenomic" data, coming from novel, high-throughput methods such as microarrays, mass spectroscopy etc. Artificial Life includes computational and other "artificial" models of biological systems as objects of study. Both fields share the objective to understand the fundamental mechanisms and principles underlying biological systems and phenomena. As Systems Biology and Artificial Life converge towards this common objective, they can mutually benefit from each other. Artificial Life models can be tested using biological data from high-throughput measurements, Systems Biology methods can be evaluated using Artifical Life models, and modelling approaches can be compared and finally be integrated to arrive at advanced models of biological systems.

The Special Issue on Systems Biology aims to bring the Systems Biology and the Artificial Life communities closer together in order to enable and advance such synergies. We call for contributions reporting research on topics that include, but are not limited to:

  • Modelling of biological processes in evolutionary biology, ecology, developmental biology, immunology, cell biology and molecular biology
  • Using pattern recognition / machine learning to analyse data from molecular biology
  • Platforms for computational modelling of living systems
  • Applications of Systems Biology in the design of biological and of technical systems
  • Complexity and its emergence in biological processes
  • Self-organization in living systems (cells, organisms, swarms, ecosystems, ...)
  • Dynamics of information in living and life-like systems
  • Systems approaches to biological systems and to computational models of life
  • Application of bio-inspired methods for analysing biological data
  • ...

Furthermore, we also call for scientific or technical reviews on topics such as

  • Technical standards for data formats, data analysis or simulation
  • Theories and scientific concepts of biological systems and processes
  • ...

Authors are asked to write their contributions to be accessible to readers from both Artificial Life and Systems Biology backgrounds. This is especially important for review articles.

Submissions should be prepared according to the guidelines provided by the Artificial Life Journal website

Please send all submissions and enquiries to one of the guest editors Roland Eils ( or Jan T. Kim ( The deadline for submissions is 20 April 2006.

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