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Last updated 25/06/04

Why not visit The Whisky Tasting Club, its a lot more interesting! WTC is a company set up by myself, Pat Barrow, my wife Michelle and whisky writer Dominic Roskrow. We sell whisky tastings by post.

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Personal Info
My Official Site

This is a link to my CMP website which contains contact details, teaching info, research interest and a list of publications.

Pictures of friends, family and holidays

Note that some of the pictures are very large and may take a long time to download

Auctions, Adaptive Agents, Data Mining and Optimization

Summary my major research interests.
Downloadable copies of my publications .
List of my grants.


I teach programming, data structures and algorithms, artificial intelligence and statistics. Here are some links to courses I teach and sites in those fields


I'm a season ticket holder at the Arsenal. Some pictures and links are here. Also a link to our annual Predict the Premiership competition.


Some general links

Elizabethan Herbal is a website of a friend of ours, good for presents for women.