Multispectral Image Database

Click on the images below for a MATLAB .mat file containing full spectral resolution reflectance data from 400nm to 700nm at 10nm steps (31 samples). The image matrix for each object is 31xWIDTHxHEIGHT. The images have been captured in a VeriVide viewing booth with a black cloth background under CIE illuminant D75. Each image has been captured twice: once with a white tile and once without. The illuminant has been estimated from the white tile and the spectral data divided by this estimate, in order to arrive at reflectance measurements. The images below are disaplyed sRGB values rendered under a neutral daylight (D65). A more detailed description of the data set and the device used to capture it can be found in:

• Hordley, Finlayson, Morovic, A Multi-Spectral Image Database and an Application to Image Rendering Across Illumination, In Proceedings of Thrid International Conference on Image and Graphics, Hong-Kong, China, December 2004

• Finlayson, Hordley, Morovic, Using the SpectraCube to Build a Multispectral Image Database, In Proceedings of IS&T European Conference on Graphics, Imaging and Vision, Aachen, Germany, April 2004


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